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Some things I've done

Audio Examples

Brooklyn Chamber Music Society
J.S. Bach: Concerto in C minor for Oboe and Violin, Strings, and Basso Continuo, BWV 1060

Carmit Zori, violin; Stephen Taylor, oboe

SONOS Chamber Orchestra
R. Vaughn Williams: Five Variants on Dives and Lazarus

Erik Ochsner, conductor; Jacqueline Kerrod, harp

Melissa Errico
Joni Mitchell: Night Ride Home

Melissa Errico, vocal; Andy Ezrin, piano
Recorded by Scott Young and Rob Anderson; mixed by Rob Anderson

Quincy Mumford and The Reason Why
Time Won't Wait

Quincy Mumford, vocals; Karlee Bloomfield, keyboards, Travis Lyon, Guitar

These sound recordings remain the sole property of the artists and are used here with permission. Any unauthorized copying, broadcast, or distribution is prohibited.

Online Content

Audio for video:

Examples of work I've done recording audio for video produced by others:

SONOS Chamber Orchestra: Dies Irae J.C. Bach

Sonos Chamber Orchestra performing the New York premier of this work at St. Peter's Church. Conducted by Erik Ochsner; with members of the REBEL Baroque Ensemble.
Video shot by Scott Young at St. Peter's Church.

Ensemble ACJW: Urlicht from Mahler's 2nd Symphony

Ensemble ACJW live at Le Poisson Rouge: recording a classical ensemble in a rock'n'roll club with only a half hour to set up has its challenges, but I really enjoyed this Mahler arrangement. Video by Kornhaber Brown.

Carnegie Hall: National Youth Orchestra: Porgy and Bess by George Gershwin

Carnegie Hall's National Youth Orchestra performs their signature medley of pieces from Gershwin's Porgy and Bess
Video by Kornhaber Brown.

Heritage Ensemble: in concert

Eugene Marlow's Heritage Ensemble, featuring Bobby Sanabria on drums, Frank Wagner on bass, and Michael Hashim on Sax live at Queensborough Commnuity College.
The video was shot by a student at Queensborough Community College.

Weill Music Institute at Carnegie Hall: Too Hot to Handel Creative Learning Project
- I recorded the live performance of these talented youngsters at Harlem Stage - portions of which you can see (and hear) in this video - which was given as part of their preparation for a Carnegie Hall concert in November 2010. Check out the up-and-coming talents of two of the student soloists here at 1:05 and 2:53, both of whom brought down the house. The live concert audio is my work; the dialogue and workshop audio, as well as the video, were done by Kornhaber Brown

- As a finale to the project, the students at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts composed a piece based on the Lakme Duet.
Here is a recording of the dress rehearsal for their performance. Video by Kornhaber Brown.


Sympho: Bionic Symphony - Prokofiev: Classical Symphony: I - Allegro
Paul Haas led his orchestra through a program made up of many different symphonic movements, interwoven with pieces of his (and) other composers in an innovative presentation and performance of this literature at Angel Orensanz Center. Here is one of the movements.

NPR - Newport Folk 2013: Colin Meloy and "Black Prairie" (aka: The Decemberists), Live in Concert
Forget the mono video audio - check out the full-length audio-only version at 36:00 to hear the Decemberists perform "Yankee Bayonet" with Laura Veirs in glorious stereo. The mix takes at least a verse to dial in: there are no soundchecks at this stage - this song WAS the soundcheck. Live-to-air baby!

Brooklyn Indie Music Fest meets Live in Your Living Room
A sampling of rough mixes from a mini-festival. Recorded live at Littlefield, September 2012.

Brooklyn Chamber Music Socety: J.S. Bach: Violin Conccerto in A minor (BWV 1041)
- From the same Bach concert as the clip embedded in the top section of this page; this featuring Arnaud Sussman as the violin solost.

The Kinks Choral Concert : NPR
-Ray Davies and Dessoff Choir Live. I did the mastering on this mix.

NPR - Newport Folk 2011: Mavis Staples, Live In Concert
In 2011, I once again had the privilege and great pleasure to be the Quad Stage Broadcast mixer for NPR at the Newport Folk Festival. There were so many incredible acts, but the most amazing experience for me was the opportunity to mix Mavis Staples live in concert. The whole set was fantastic, but check out 46:48 if you love I'll Take You There:

Selected Writings

Paper on Surround Sound Recording

Paper on Basic Low Pass Filter Design

How to create an MS matrix in Pro Tools

NAFME Presentation at York College Oct. 2011

Albums and CD's

Some CD's I've had the pleasure of being involved with: